In honor of all nomads worldwide, the anarchist, the hippy, the artist, the crafter, the private ones, the lost ones, the known ones and the loved ones we present and Ungathering.

What is an Ungathering (TM)?

An Ungathering is a non-event or meetup. The first Ungathering was in 2023 (and 9th Skooliepalooza AZ) took place in Ehrenberg, AZ around JAN 23, 2023 AT 7 AM – JAN 29, 2023. It had an estimated 1500 vehicles and over 2000 community members.

Doesn’t Skooliepalooza usually run on the last two weekends of January?

No and you can see the list of dates for each gathering here.

What is the cost?

Ungatherings are non-events… admission is free. Each person is responsible for themselves and any permits required for access to the land. This is important as the location is often held on Arizona Trust Land which is not public land. The permits are quite affordable, are valid for a year and can be found here.

What is the catch?

If you attend you accept all responsibility and risk. There will be no official services, though some community members do donate to have items such as potable water, porta potties and trash service. If you attend you attest that you will follow Leave No Trace principles.

I want to teach, how?

If you charge money you are legally required to have a permit from BLM and/or Arizona Trust Land. For those that are looking to teach workshops for free there will be an activity form which we turn into a public calendar to help let people know the what and where.

I want to vend, how?

If you charge money you are legally required to have a permit from BLM and/or Arizona Trust Land.

I want to volunteer, how?

It is the community that make Ungatherings successful. We will announce a call for volunteers for each Ungathering.

What about Rangers?

This is a concern. They are aware of the Ungathering. However, as this is a non-event and Ungathering, if you practice Leave No Trace, follow ordinances for noise, keep the area clean and are responsible with your pets they may leave us alone. Or, they may disperse us like they did in 2022.

What about other organized (paid) events?

We are actively working on ticketed events with plans for a Utah and PNW event in 2024.

How do you register/attend?

Ungatherings are non-events, there is no tickets required. However, those that wish to register may receive swag and access to super-secret encrypted chat channels to always be in the know (yes this is silly). All are welcome, Skoolie or not. Just show up, be nice and enjoy.

What is the end game?

We wish to continue to build a positive and intentional community that is inclusive and follows a 3 basic principles:

  1. Be Nice and Courteous
  2. Leave no trace
  3. Pay it forward