What is it?

The Creative Community Partner Program is one of the ways Skooliepalooza is practicing Rule #3: Pay it Forward.

The nomad community is full of vibrant and artistic souls, Skooliepalooza would like to use its channels to build and help grow the advocates for these beautiful creatures who live their lives through their creative inspiration.  

How does it work?

We are seeking creatives who believe in the power of collaboration and mutual benefit. While there is a certain feral nature to all those who are nomadic, we all experience life in a more positive light when we have a community. The Skooliepalooza Creative Community Partnership (SCCP) wants to be part of that community. We want to find, inspire, collaborate, create and solidify opportunities for self expression, income and success within the paradigm of what each nomad delivers as art.

Skooliepalooza at no cost to the nomad will:

  • Promote your art
  • Collaborate with you on your art
  • Advocate your art through our communication and social channels

The Creative (nomad) will:

  • Aspire to the three values of:
    • Be Nice
    • Leave No Trace
    • Pay it forward
  • Encourage positive collaboration between fellow members of the SCCP
  • When appropriate cross promote Skooliepalooza art, communications and social media posts
  • Grant Skooliepalooza permission to use/distribute your logo and other art with the intention of mutual benefit

“human creativity, human imagination, human innovation, human ingenuity, playfulness, however you wanna phrase that, it is going to become even more important in the future”

Hugh Forrest – Co-President & Chief programming officer, SXSW

Is there income potential?

Yes. The purpose of this initiative is to build the creatives in our community through engagement, collaboration and mutual benefit. It is with intention that we will expand this opportunity to benefit the community as well as generate income for those participating. We all have fuel to buy, tires to replace and stomachs to feed. A number of opportunities we are considering is cross branding of merchandise, commissioning unique works for auction and running donation based contests. Further opportunities will present themselves as collaboration with the community continues.

Creativity is a core element of what makes nomads different. It is through a creative freedom seeking lens that drives us to do what we do. Let’s work together and pay it forward.