Q. Is the Moab / Greenriver event an Ungathering?

A. No. The event will be more comfortable to those who enjoy something like Northwest Nomads, Skoolie Swarm, CHASMFest or other lightly organized and ticketed events.

Q. When does the Moab / Greenriver event take place?

A. October 5th – 10th, 2023

Q. Where does the Moab/Greenriver event take place?

A. The exact location will be provided to ticket holders and volunteers.

Q. What is the cost to attend Skooliepalooza Moab?

A. We are still working on final costs, our hope is to keep it as reasonable as possible.

Q. How can I get a free ticket?

A. Volunteer

Q. How do I keep tabs on what is going on with the event?

A. Insure you are following us on social media or join our mailing list.