Ehrenburg is the OG of Skooliepalooza. The founders Nick and Russ never imagined the beast it would become. They also had lots of plans that unfortunately didn’t come to fruition – plans that they hoped we would make happen. One of those plans was multiple events and most importantly: a stronger, more connected community. The first of those dedicated community events is Moab. 

Moab’s pillars are:

Build. Bond. Grow.

Unlike Ehrenburg, which has become a bit of a Burningpalooza, Moab is not a festival. It is a camping and community building event. It does not take place on public land for several reasons, not the least of which is it is illegal without a permit and those permits are exceedingly difficult to get. When considering what we wanted from Moab, Amanda put it best when she said, “I want the Moab event to make people feel that while they are there, in that moment, in that bubble, everything is right with the world.” 

Picture contributed b: Katie Doane who also goes by @whereiskatiedoane on IG.

Part of everything being right with the world is paying it forward. This is why we are having a pre-event build party. Our hosts are trying to create a better life for themselves via homesteading and supplementing some of those dreams by hosting events on their land. Imagine the moment: our community builds a BBQ and that night we enjoy delicious food together. Let’s be intentional and proactive about our joy for each other. Let’s build, bond, and grow.
Join us in Moab for an event focused on connection and building relationships.  We have a limited amount of tickets available, so grab yours while they last!

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