Skooliepalooza 2020

A camping & skoolie community building EVENT

Participant Rules & event Guidelines

First and foremost Skooliepalooza is a family-friendly event. While we expect freedom of expression, it is after all a very diverse group of individuals, please keep in mind that highly impressionable young-minds will also be around. Parents; please note that late night discussions around the campfire may occasionally include adult language; please make sure any minors are where you feel most comfortable and where all participants can feel free to communicate.


  • There are no fees for the event itself, it's 100% free.  Camping during the event is also free for up to 14 days! Please respect the rules of the Bureau of Land Management and other guidelines to ensure that all participants have an enjoyable and safe experience.
  • If you do plan to camp during the event, please check in to register with the BLM camp host (see event maps) and be sure to read their camping rules. If arriving after hours, and or the camp host is not on duty, just proceed to the Skooliepalooza 2020 camp but be sure to register with the host early the next day.
  • Anyone wishing to conduct commercial activities must have a permit from the BLM. Our event allows for the exchange or sale of personal gear and items ONLY, not for the sale of commercial products. Please respect this as it affects all of us.
  • Many come to Skooliepalooza to look at other bus conversions, to share their best practices and some to get ideas for their own first build. You are not required to offer tours of your bus, or even have a bus or conversion. We will have a visible method of letting others know whether or not your bus/conversion is open to tours.
  • Please keep pets on a leash. There are many coyotes in the area, please do not leave your pets unattended. 
  • You are soley responsible for the security of your personal area and posessions at all times. It's easy to feel at home at Skooliepalooza but be as careful as you would be in any unfamilar area and secure any personal areas and valuables.
  • In January it is unlikely you will come across a rattle snake or scorpion, however it is very important to remember that they are present year round. So, be mindful of watching where you are walking or if lifting anything off the ground.
  • The desert Southwest offers wonderful sunsets and star-gazing opportunities. To help us all enjoy the full sky of stars we ask that everyone please turn off any exterior lights before 9:00pm.
  • Weather is typically warm during the day with cool evenings, temps last year were in the mid 70's most days, and low 50's overnight. Be prepared however for cooler weather as well, with clothing that you can layer as needed.
  • No unattended fires, please. A community campfire will be held each night (weather pending) starting approximately 1/2 hour before dusk. Please bring firewood or contribute to the event fund, we can ALWAYS use more firewood!
  • Days at Skooliepalooza are filled with activities from sunrise to well after sunset each day. At the end of each day many people want to enjoy good friends and discussions around the community campfire or to get some needed rest. So please respect quiet hours, no generators or loud noises, between 9:00pm and 7:00am.