Skooliepalooza 2022

A camping & skoolie community building EVENT

vision statement

Skooliepalooza® was built on the idea of coming together to create community. It in this same ethos that Skooliepalooza® continues today.


Skoolie life presents great opportunity, at the same time presenting a number of challenges to forge friendships with other skoolie families and people with similar lifestyles and interests. Skooliepalooza® regional events, to be held across this country and spread throughout the year will allow more people an opportunity to meet with others and to see other Skoolie builds.  


Our community has grown, or come together in our most recent annual event to be in the hundreds. It is at this critical-junction that some structure, while minimal and as non-corporate as possible will be needed for continued events to be foremost; family-friendly, safe and welcoming to the diverse group that makes up our greater community.


What does non-corporate mean? Simply put, it means there will never be a place at a Skooliepalooza® for VIP tents, large corporate sponsors or similar corporate type event formats. 'Skooliepalooza' is as much an organic event as it is a coming together event by-and-for the community.


In hosting an annual free camping and community building event each winter somewhere in the desert southwest, funding for future events may be reliant on donations and the community to be self-reliant; hosting fundraising events to cover such future costs such as permits, licensing and or insurance requirements that may be required by the BLM or future event locations.


What is next for Skooliepalooza®? That is up to YOU! If you feel that you have something to offer by becoming a founding board member or volunteer for a fledgling organization and you also share the same objectives we have outlined above, reach out we'd love to hear from you. Complete our short Board Member Interest Form here: