Skooliepalooza 2022

A camping & skoolie community building EVENT

Skooliepalooza® fair use policy

Skooliepalooza® is an event like no other, and with it comes today's creators looking for content. Skooliepalooza® is naturally a magnet for bloggers, video journalists and hobbyists that are interested in spreading the Skooliepalooza® love.


We welcome the creators to come! Their videos of builds, demonstrations and the event itself help the greater good of building the community.


While on-site trading of stickers, magnets, buttons or other souvenir paraphernalia is encouraged, the focus of your design should be about your bus or rig and not just Skooliepalooza. Designs saying 'Bus or Rig Name' @Skooliepalooza2021 are generally permissible however designs that just feature 'Skooliepalooza' or 'Skooliepalooza 2021' may infringe on the event holders trademark.

A few ground rules are in order, please respect everyone's privacy. Outside someones bus is typically considered public, inside is not. Do not step into someone's private space without first being invited. Filming children, even in a public space without explicit permission of their parents is a big no.

Any use of the Skooliepalooza® name, trademarks or copyrights is reserved. Use covered under fair use does not create any other right or claim by the user to any of the Skooliepalooza® marks or rights under any theory of law, fact, or equity.