Skooliepalooza 2022

A camping & skoolie community building EVENT

About the event

Skooliepalooza® was an idea for an annual Skoolie festival that was first proposed in a Skoolie forum by (Dredman) Don Redman. Unfortunatley Dredman's bus broke down before the event itself and he was not able to make it, however a number of buses still magically showed up in the Quartzsite Arizona desert in January 2017 for what became Skooliepalooza®. 


Being unsure how many might attend, the first Skoolipalooza® was held adjoining the Rubber Tramp Rendevous (RTR) which is also held in the first few weeks of January each year. Throughout two-weeks of the first Skooliepalooza® event approximately 22+ buses came and went, some just staying for a few days to a week and a few die-hards staying the entire length.


It was obvious during the first event that many new friendships were forged; and that skoolie community building was the result, wanting to keep it going a few participants worked to create the second event which was again held in the Quartzsite Arizona desert in January 2018, this time as it's own stand alone meetup just south and to the west of RTR.


Approximatley 30 conversion buses from all over the U.S. began arriving throughout the week, a few potlucks were hastily organized, there were nightly community campfires, a few daytime hikes and lots of sharing of conversion ideas, good fun was had by all.


2019 far exceeded our most generous guess with over 114 skoolies attending throughout the weeklong event. Despite the first day being rained out, the event organically unfolded and a good time was had by most if not all who attended.


2020's event was held for the first time in Ehrenberg, 18 miles west of Quartzsite along the Arizona-California border. Despite a last minute move a few hundred yards further south to accomodate the increased attendance, it ended up working out to provide one common space for the community to come together. With dozens of videos of 2020's event, you can see and experience much of the event from the comfort of home on YouTube here


Of course experiencing it in person is even better. We hope to see you at a Skooliepalooza® soon!.


whats new for SKOOLIEPALOOZA® IN 2021 ?


More organized and structured events, guided hikes, stargazing, movie and game nights, useful seminars and more are being discussed. We hope to offer a few porta-potties and other comforts as well. Of course, not everyone comes to Skooliepalooza® to fill every waking minute with activities, so the usual come and go as you please ethos applies. Come for a week, a day or a few hours, everyone is welcome!


With 2021's event coming up now is the time to voice your support and for those with a skill set to share with the group, step up and volunteer to make Skooliepaolooza® the best ever. Reach out to us via the official Facebook page or, e-mail us at: